India Inc stands to fight COVID-19; Extends gratitude to Corona Warriors

India Inc and many of Mumbai’s top corporates equally stood up with its people in this hour of crisis

As Mumbai braced up in the early hours of Sunday to show solidarity to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, appeal of Janta Curfew to beat the outbreak of COVID-19, they actually created history by becoming a part of India’s first – ever social mission of self- governance to save fellow beings. India Inc and many of Mumbai’s top corporates equally stood up with its people in this hour of crisis. 

Seldom in the history that the city saw its roads empty, the markets deserted and the public transport almost at a halt, the city and many corporates showed solidarity to a ‘common will’ to curb the further spread of a deadly corona virus. 

In response to the appeal by the Prime Minister to extend gratitude to the real ‘Corona Warriors’ who are fighting and helping people for their safety, various corporate entities and their honchos expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards Government officials, doctors, para-medical personnel, police, media, health and hygiene workers.

While many corporates already took rapid measures to stop further spread of COVID-19 and ensure safety of their people by allowing work – from – home and other steps of social distancing, they also took today’s Janta Curfew to thank the Prime Minister, Uddhav Thackeray, Chief Minister, Maharashtra and his team of officials and the warriors working on the ground. 

Wellness Forever has welcomed the PM’s initiative of self-lockdown as a required step. The 24×7 pharmacy chain have also taken initiative to tell their customers not to venture out even for medicines as they can deliver the same to their homes. Commenting on the preparedness, Gulshan Bakhtiani, Founder-Director, Wellness Forever Medicare said, “We sincerely appreciate the Central and State Government’s initiatives for taking preventive measures and calling people to stay home and stay safe and maintaining social distancing. The initiative will ease the unnecessary pressure on essential services that we are witnessing at our Wellness Forever stores and calm people. We are inviting people inside all our 180+ stores across Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka only after sanitising their hands wearing mask, which they have appreciated too. We want to request all our customers that we are open 24×7 and have enough medical and healthcare stocks and urge them to think about the other customers before doing bulk buying.”

Adding that the move will strengthen the country’s resolve to fight the pandemic and safeguard the kids, Chetan D’Souza, Founder and CEO, KidzByte said, “’Unity in Diversity’, has stood out as most relevant today. The National & State Governments, the life savers, all public servants and the general public are putting on a brave fight to combat this deadly virus. However, we are trying our best to cover this topic in our app-based platform by cross-checking facts through WHO and other authorised sources. We’ve had kids come up as anchors to cover topics around COVID-19. Kids should be protected from fake news and have a healthy screen time option. Keeping this in mind, we have waived off our annual subscription fees completely and offering 90-days free access to all students. We hope our small efforts will go a long way to help the student community.”

The tweet by our Prime Minister where he appealed to add tremendous strength to the fight against #COVID19′ menace, Vijay Wadhwa, The Wadhwa Group re-tweeted saying, “We show our gratitude to you and the Corona Warriors. Together, we all will fight this out.”

Becoming the first from India Inc and the first sector to extend support to the Government in fighting the outbreak, Rajan Bandelkar, President, Western Region, NAREDCO, thanked the Corona Warriors and praised the State Government’s efforts to conquer the outbreak and announced that Naredco, Maharashtra will extend support to the Government for improving medical infrastructure in key hospitals. “We will understand the requirement in medical Infrastructure from the Government and see, what the best Naredco Maharashtra can do to address this,” said Bandelkar. 

The Prime Minister had tweeted on the early Sunday, “A few minutes from now, the #JantaCurfew commences. Let us all be a part of this curfew, which will add tremendous strength to the fight against #COVID19 menace. The steps we take now will help in the times to come,” Prime Minister wrote on the microblogging site Twitter, minutes ahead of the curfew.

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