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Sachin Grover, Head Healthcare Solutions, Indian Subcontinent, Philips began his presentation by talking about the vision of the company for healthcare. He mentioned that Philips Healthcare has a goal of improving three billion lives every year from 2030 onwards. He spoke about how Philips intends to build partners from the hospitals and healthcare delivery sector in order to achieve its goal. Grower pointed out that Philips is trying to create shared value for all in this mission.

“In India, we have been operating for the last 88 years and now we want to completely focus on healthcare. Our other lighting businesses have been hived off so that we can focus more on the healthcare sector. So with that as our focus, we want a build a health continuum where we want to create more value for our partners too. In healthcare we are looking at five areas: Healthy Living, Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Home Care,” he said.

Grover also spoke about how right outcomes are their priority, and how the company is helping healthcare professionals in strategising, designing and implementing correct treatment plans. He further spoke about Philips’ Vital Health platform that provides patients access to their own data on a daily basis, thus helping them manage their diseases more efficiently. He went on to say, “We want to remove the limits of care by bringing data, technology and people together.”

Grover, later spoke about Philips’ new projects in the healthcare space. He cited a few examples of some hospital projects where they have helped them overcome operational challenges and improve workflows. In the end, he reiterated that the company is committed to healthcare and will continue to bring forward solutions that can facilitate providers to provide better care to their patients while making their internal process strong.

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