Foresee a need-based paradigm shift in three key areas with more informed and involved patients: Rajinish Menon

Rajinish Menon, CEO, Sukino Healthcare

The COVID-19 crisis has taught us that the healthcare industry is critical for our future. Not only for the safety of mankind but protecting the economy and livelihoods of people. Unfortunately, we have been proved to be ill-equipped to handle medical calamities. This has placed the health ecosystem under the scanner in terms of quality of services, innovation, and patient centricity.

I foresee a need-based paradigm shift in three key areas with more informed and involved patients. The increase in the perceived value of patients will add more focus to the care of aged and chronically ill patients. It is set to move beyond the brick and mortar hospitals to more compassionate and technologically advanced healthcare modules for optimal recovery. Given the massive load on hospitals, less critical patients will be discharged for remote monitoring and periphery partners will play a supportive role along with primary treating physicians.

Technologies like ML, AI, and blockchain will save resources and facilitate transparency. The workforce will have to be adequately upskilled to handle the spurt of emergency care.

Although the healthcare industry has grappled with limited government attention and budget allocation, the Bharat Ayushman Scheme stands to transform healthcare in terms of accessibility and affordability.

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