Ucare is a preventive healthcare safety and wellness service platform

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How did the concept of U Care evolve?

UCare was evolved from a very personal need of giving care to my aging parents and taking care of my own health as well. With the evolution of the nuclear family, more and more of us are moving away to achieve our professional goals. Our parents are often getting left behind alone vulnerable to fend for themselves. At the same time the reality of losing a number of colleagues and friends to heart diseases, at a young age was really hard hitting and hence the conception of ‘UCare.’

What differentiators do you offer in respect to other products in the segment?

First-of-its-kind digital preventive healthcare and wellness platform that helps your family and you stay healthy and secure – anywhere, anytime. Re-imagining the shift of care from reactive to preventive using technology. Gradual change of an individual’s role from being passive/ reactive to self managing and taking responsibility – “My health in my hands!”

How will it enhance the preventive healthcare, safety and wellness services?

It is a digital platform that provides the best possible health, wellness, care and emergency services all on a single seamless platform at the touch of the button. Our mission is to improve the lives of families and caregivers by helping them connect in a reliable and easy way. Who are your target audience ? We primarily focus on the age group of 30+ or anyone who is conscious about their health and fitness, and travels frequently for professional purposes.

How does U Care help maintain healthy lifestyle among the patients?

The platform combines a smart wearable, an ECG Machine, along with services like 24×7 ambulance, personal safety and assistance, diagnostic and doctor appointment, book a ride, insurance cover, health vault and mobile app to make sure you live by our motto ‘LivSmart LivStrong.’ Our AI platform monitors patient’s heart health and is able to help you gauge your medical needs and emergencies. Our objective is to alert you well in advance about any arriving criticality.

What is your user base now and how many consultations happen in a month and how much do you want to achieve by the next fiscal?

We currently have on-board 800+ customers. These customers have paid full two years of subscription upfront. Our objective is to cross 100,000 paid customers in the first 12 months.

Do you think patients are aware of such apps, how do you see the adoption level of your app?

There is an element of education that we are committal to drive in the near future, as it demands a behavioural change in the mind of the customer. It will be upfront as soon as they comprehend the urging requirement of it.

Tell us about your funding activity and what is the scope of startups future in the healthcare sector?

Currently, we are bootstrapping preventive healthcare as a sector which is still in a nascent stage and what we see forward is the beginning of a new world in healthcare.


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