Intrinsic and extrinsic value of radiologists

In this session, Dr Bhavin Jankharia, Chief Radiologist, Picture This by Jankharia threw light on how radiologists could add value to their services, patients and the entire healthcare system. He began by talking about the need for radiologists to break the monotony and look beyond image reading.

“A radiologist is a doctor, who uses images and imaging modalities, solves clinical problems and helps in early detection and prevention of diseases. But there is a need to look beyond image reading. A radiology must look beyond structural imaging to add value to healthcare delivery,” he said.

Dr Jankharia also spoke about how radiologists can play a better role in making decisions for patients and healthcare providers. “A clinical radiologist is an integral part of the healthcare system bringing value to stakeholders from the patient to the institute and the system. The primary duty of a radiologist is to augment better clinical decision making,” he stressed.

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