Axio Biosolutions launches RESIST+

Funded by Ratan Tata’s UC RNT, Omidyar Network, other investors, the start-up has rolled out surgical hand disinfectants, hand sanitisers

Responding to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to start-ups and entrepreneurs to come forward with innovative solutions to help combat the COVID-19 challenge, Axio Biosolutions has launched RESIST+, a hygiene and protection range to meet the growing demand due to the current pandemic. Funded by Ratan Tata’s UC RNT, Omidyar Network and other investors, the start-up has rolled out surgical hand disinfectants and hand sanitisers with a running capacity of 25,000 litres at present. The plan is to expand the capacity to 100,000 litres in the coming days.

The Bengaluru-based start-up, with its manufacturing plant in Ahmedabad, is determined to help the country build its own arsenal to fight the coronavirus crisis. The new product range, manufactured in compliance with WHO standards and pharma regulations, will soon include masks and other protective gear.

Commenting on the rationale behind RESIST+, Leo Mavely, Founder & CEO, Axio Biosolutions, said, “For India to tackle the pandemic, we need to address the large-scale shortage of quality hygiene and safety products. Hospitals are getting overwhelmed with deluge of patients and the dearth of quality products is a challenge. People are forced to procure sanitisers and disinfectants from various unvetted non-medical sources. The need of the hour is for medtech companies is to support in every way they can. At Axio, our priority is to meet the urgent demands from hospitals and institutions in India, followed by other regions.”  

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