Cancer screening up by 50x over last 5 years: Report

The report underscores a positive trend in public health consciousness, indicating a growing awareness among individuals regarding the importance of early detection and preventive healthcare measures

India, home to the world’s second-largest population, is witnessing a growing concern about cancer prevalence. Recent data from Healthians highlights a remarkable shift in cancer screening awareness nationwide. Since 2016, there has been a substantial 50-fold increase in individuals choosing cancer screening, signaling a heightened awareness and attentiveness toward serious health issues like cancer.

The report underscores a positive trend in public health consciousness, indicating a growing awareness among individuals regarding the importance of early detection and preventive healthcare measures. Formerly, around 2000 people were screened, but now the numbers are going over 1 lakh individuals opting for screening services. This increase in the number of screenings reflects a proactive approach towards health management among the populace. According to Healthians data, 52 per cent of males and 48 per cent of females have booked screenings for various types of cancer screening tests including ovation cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, bowel cancer, and others.

In preventive screening, an increase in the number of tests should ideally result in a decrease in the percentage of positive cases, as observed in large-scale COVID-19 testing initiatives. However, recent data from Healthians indicates a concerning trend where despite a significant surge in the number of screenings from 2.7 per cent to 4.05 per cent over the last five years – the percentage of positive cases has also increased. This anomaly raises questions about the effectiveness of preventive healthcare measures and underscores the need for further analysis and intervention to address underlying factors contributing to the rise in positive cases despite increased screening efforts. Healthians’ data reveals a shift in the dynamics of preventive healthcare screening, prompting a closer examination of screening protocols and public health messaging to ensure optimal health outcomes.

The report sheds light on the evolving landscape of cancer screening in India, emphasising the significance of early detection initiatives and community-based healthcare interventions. As more individuals proactively engage in preventive screenings, there is a tangible opportunity to mitigate the burden of cancer by identifying cases at earlier stages.

Healthians reaffirms its commitment to driving awareness and accessibility to cancer screening services across the nation. Through collaborative efforts with healthcare stakeholders and community engagement initiatives, Healthians aims to empower individuals to prioritise their health and well-being. The rise in cancer screening participation reflects a promising step towards building a healthier future for all.

Deepak Sahni, Founder, Healthians said, “As we celebrate a decade of serving in the healthcare industry, we recognise the intrinsic value of regular health checkups in detecting health issues at an early stage. The increasing participation in cancer screening reflects a positive shift towards proactive health management and underscores the importance of preventive healthcare measures. Enhanced screening efforts and increased penetration of preventive health services hold the promise of saving lives by detecting diseases early and improving health outcomes.” 

Additionally, the report highlights encouraging trends in tier-2 and tier-3 cities like Ghaziabad, Ludhiana, Faridabad, Meerut, Dehradun, Nagpur etc. where awareness and uptake of preventive healthcare services are on the rise. This regional data underscores the need for targeted interventions and localized healthcare initiatives to address the evolving healthcare needs of diverse populations.

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