Cloudnine Hospitals celebrates its tenth anniversary in India

Cloudnine’s expertise is in obstetrics,gynaecology, fertility, neonatology and paediatric care

Cloudnine Hospitals recently completed its first decade in India. Since its founding in 2006, Cloudnine has established itself as a renown maternal and child health chain. Cloudnine’s expertise is in obstetrics, gynaecology, fertility, neonatology and paediatric care. The hospital offers pre-conception counselling services, specialised services for couples dealing with infertility, critical care services for mothers and new born babies and paediatric care services.

On this occasion, Dr R Kishore Kumar, Founder and Chairman of Cloudnine Hospitals said, “Ten years ago, maternal and child health in India was not at par with that of the more developed countries. I did some research and found that India had a large progressive population that was looking for first-class birthing facilities and quality care during pregnancy. To meet their needs, my partners and I opened the first Cloudnine facility with the aim of transforming how maternal and child health was looked at in India. Today, our country can boast of having topnotch birthing and paediatric care services with world class infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities and we at Cloudnine are proud to have contributed towards that transformation. We help couples with fertility issues fulfill their dream of becoming parents; we take care of their every need throughout the pregnancy period, and we ensure the well-being of mothers and their newborn babies post-delivery. One of our greatest achievements was making newborn screening mandatory, which has saved lives of so many newborns by early detection of congenital and metabolic diseases and early treatment. I attribute our success to our skilled physicians, dedicated staff and above all our patient-centric approach.”

In recognition of their many milestones, all Cloudnine Hospitals in the country are celebrating and hosting award ceremonies to appreciate the contribution of their excellent employees.

Commenting on what the ten year anniversary means for the hospital, Rohit MA, Co-founder and Managing Director of Cloudnine said, “For us, this occasion is the time to evaluate the impact we have had on the mothers, babies and their families and to envision how we can enhance what we are doing today over the next decade and beyond. We have established hospitals in Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Pune and have plans of expanding our network to other cities. For us, it is very important to maintain consistency in our quality of care across all our centres, which is why we are expanding at a pace at which we are able to offer the highest standard of care at every location.”

Vidya Kumar, Founder Director of Cloudnine added, “At Cloudnine, we go the extra mile by organising baby showers, conducting prenatal and antenatal workshops, physiotherapy and yoga classes, Lamaze (childbirth classes) and their signature Management of Baby Affairs (MBA) classes to train the entire family on how to take care of the newborn baby and mother at home.”

It also offers a variety of inclusive and competitive packages that include consultations, ultrasound scans, lactation counselling, nutritional and physiotherapy sessions, delivery charges, luxury suites, standard lab investigations and baby test charges. The hospital also has its own parenting magazine Just Kidding.

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