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Aims to ease financing options for fertility treatments

Crysta IVF has collaborated with ShopSe to provide easy financing options for fertility treatments across all its centres.

The infertility rate in India is on the rise. Around 30 million couples in the reproductive age are unable to conceive due to fertility related problems. What makes the situation worse is that only 1 per cent of them think of adopting ART procedures mainly due to affordability. India doesn’t have a safety net for unplanned medical expenses. Accordingly, many take personal loans from banks to cover medical costs. To solve this issue of affordability, Crysta IVF and ShopSe have tied up to assist with easy financing options for fertility treatments.

Commenting on the association, Dheeraj Jain, Founder, Crysta IVF, said “We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with ShopSe, the online transaction platform to offer an exclusive support package to all our patients. We understand the difficulty in the phase that couples experience during the treatment. Through this collaboration, we aim to reduce financial difficulties through a no cost EMI support mechanism. For patients, Crysta IVF always intends to offer a personalized experience and reduce complications to make the journey towards parenthood seamless.”

Adding to this, Yagnesh Desai, Co-Founder, ShopSe, said “ShopSe is happy to collaborate with Crysta IVF, a leading name in the IVF industry. We are confident that our Easy EMIs and 0% interest rate will help couples to opt for IVF treatments and remove the financial burden in the difficult phase. For ensuring a simple process, we have crafted a 2 click process to avail the EMI offering.”

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