‘Curofy Chat’ feature launched

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The new feature creates a private chat room for doctors where they can discuss about cases

Curofy has launched ‘Curofy Chat’ feature, which offers a fast and simple messaging service where doctors can chat with his/her fellow doctors and also can share /answer medical cases at the same time. One can chat with hospital members and even discuss cases in group.

The main aim behind this feature is to provide a platform for doctors for immediate diagnosis. A survey was conducted on around 4,00,000 doctors where more than 85 per cent doctors were in favour that Curofy has become a problem-solving platform for them especially in the rural areas where the doctor count is less. Also, with the help of this, doctors can communicate at a faster way using the new innovation in the medical world.

Curofy Chat helps to discuss clinical cases in real time, create private chat room for doctors, connect without sharing the contact, one can form the professional multi-speciality groups and also robust communication. Discussion about problems in such groups can help to reduce the time of consultation and treatment. When doctor is in doubt about any case, he/she can easily get second opinion from his/her choice of doctor in the private chat as well.

Speaking about the feature, Pawan Gupta, Co-Founder, Curofy, “The chat feature transforms Curofy from being a knowledge sharing platform to an immediate diagnosis platform. This truly has the potential of disrupting doctors’ day to day life in a good way. This is one of our biggest launch since our inception.”

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