EMOHA launches Eldercare 24/7 responder in Gurgaon

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The responders are a combination of ex-defence personnel and paramedic nurses who will stabilise and manage the emergency

EMOHA Eldercare, a disruptive startup in the elder care category, has launched India’s first 24/7 eldercare responder service in Gurgaon. Focussed on addressing concerns related to emergency care for elders, EMOHA is the first company in India to launch this kind of service. The engagement with elders starts with a detailed home and health assessment, to understand clinical conditions and understand potential hazards in an elder’s home. This data along with smart sensors deployed in the elder’s home allows for a 24/7 response to any emergency which may happen.

An emergency can be initiated remotely by either the press of a button or through automatic smart sensors on detecting that something is amiss, initiating a response in 15 – 30 minutes from the nearest hub. The responders are a combination of ex-defence personnel and paramedic nurses who stabilise and manage the emergency while support from local police or hospital is underway.

The responder service is targeted at five key concerns – emergency response, health tracking, home safety, life support, and engagement. These five insights came from in-depth research and personal life experience delivering care. The services are available 24/7 through a toll-free helpline number 1800-1378-911 to Emoha’s customers.

All the elders at Emoha are invited to a range of fun, learning and engagement events in the city, addressing the root concern of loneliness and social isolation, typical in elders. The solution allows for a tech-based option to have high-quality sensors within the person’s home, which gets activated on an emergency.

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