GenWorks Health launches TECHGenworks

GenWorks Health launches TECHGenworks, a suite of digital healthcare solutions for healthcare partners, on its 10th Foundation Day

GenWorks Health, a healthcare solutions provider marks a decade of service by unveiling TECHGenworks, a suite of digital healthcare solutions for healthcare partners.

TECHGenworks aims to empower partners with technology, elevate service delivery, and facilitate screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

The TECHGenworks portfolio includes GenVCare, a solution for healthcare delivery with clinical protocols and access to device data. Another solution, SHE Guide, in collaboration with FOGSI, supports women’s health awareness. While GenService aims at improving internal operations, GenWorks Live, the collaboration among teams, boosts productivity and customer service. SwiftLink automates supply chain, simplifies order placement and tracking for over 600 customers. GenStore is a digital storefront for GenWorks products, serving over 7,600 customers, informs a company press release.

S Ganesh Prasad, Founder, GenWorks Health says, “GenWorks, after a decade of enhancing healthcare, introduces TECHGenworks to increase scalability. Our tech solutions, including Femtech solutions for Medtronic and MODT, are boosting OEM success. We can make any product a hit within 90 days of launch.”

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