Godrej Memorial Hospital partners with HaystackAnalytics to launch genome sequencing test

The test, launched ahead of World Health Day, screens for more than 150 conditions and genetic traits including Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and mental ill-health

Godrej Memorial Hospital has introduced India’s first comprehensive genome testing that identifies an individual’s predisposition to over 150 conditions and genetic traits. The hospital has partnered with HaystackAnalytics, a HealthTech company based out of IIT Bombay, to launch the Health Genometer Smart Plan, a consumer-centric wellness solution developed on a fully automated AI-based bio-informatics platform. The preventive healthcare solution will provide a 360-degree view of individuals’ high-risk medical conditions by analyzing present and future health risks through pathological and genomic tests.

The Health Genometer Smart Plan is the preventive healthcare genome test that helps analyse the whole exome, encompassing over 7000 genes, to understand the underlying disease predispositions. The test goes beyond screening health risks to covering 48 diagnostic medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes as well as other cardiovascular diseases which are actionable and identifies sensitivities and traits to enable holistic recommendations. It also provides over 50 diet and physical health-related characteristics.

The test comes with genetic counselling and physician consultations along with the curated genetic test report covering personal and family history to adopt preventative healthcare at an affordable cost. It was launched in the presence Dr Deepak Modi  ICMR, Lt. Col (Retd) Dr L C Verma, CEO, Godrej Memorial Hospital, Dr SV Kulkarni, senior physician, Dr Boman Dhabhar, Medical Oncologist, and Chhavi Mittal, Entrepreneur and Actor.

Other products being launched at Godrej Memorial Hospital as a part of this partnership include a TB Whole Genome Sequencing test & Genomics based Infectious Screening test for Sepsis patients. All these would be soon available to the patients of GMH.

Dr Verma said, “With India having the largest young population in the world, innovations in healthcare are key in keeping them healthy so they may productively contribute to the growth of the economy. The comprehensive genome screening test which is a collaboration between Godrej Memorial Hospital and HaystackAnalytics has made preventive healthcare affordable and will enable more people to have an early diagnosis and rapid course of treatment, thus safeguarding the nation’s health.”

Dr Anirvan Chatterjee, CEO HaystackAnalytics said, “The human genome is a blueprint for life, and DNA sequencing is the key to unearthing these insights. Godrej Memorial Hospital has made a pivotal contribution to the field of health care with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and has been actively involved in medical research and innovation. We are certain that through this collaboration we will be able to reach a large audience and successfully spread the message of preventive healthcare in the country.”

The cost of the test is Rs 24, 990 and as an inaugural offer in run-up to World Health Day, it is capped at  Rs 19,990.



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