ISIC inducts advanced integrated robotics and imaging platform for spine surgeries

The integration brings India at par with the US, Europe including the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Singapore, and Australia where such systems are already in use

The Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC) has integrated O-Arm, a 3D imaging system, with MAZOR X™ Stealth Edition, the most advanced minimally-invasive robotics procedure, for spinal, orthopaedic and neurological conditions.

Doctors at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC), New Delhi have successfully operated on two young girls, suffering from spinal deformity, using the newly-inducted integrated system.

“Spine is the central support structure of the body and hub of several important nerves travelling to other parts of the body. A wrong or extra cut can affect the patient for life. Keeping in mind the interest of our patients, we inducted MAZOR X™ Stealth Edition robotics surgery for spinal, orthopaedic and neurological conditions in 2019. Now, we have integrated it with O-Arm, a technology that has been serving the medical field for over 10 years and has helped treat 900,000 patients all over the world. This integrated model of health service delivery is in line with the global best practices and already in use in multiple sites across the US, Europe including the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Singapore, and Australia. We have operated on two teenaged girls with different types of spinal deformity using the integrated system and have received excellent results,” says Dr H.S Chhabra, Medical Director & Chief of Spine, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, New Delhi.

By combining O-arm with Robotics, doctors were able to monitor the site of the surgery and how it is progressing in real-time. In both the cases at ISIC, doctors and the surgical team were able see the images of the site displayed on a large mobile viewing station before, during and after the surgery, backed by a unique ‘Patient Connection Platform’ – a set of biocompatible devices that rigidly fix the robotic arm to the patient’s skeletal anatomy during surgery through a stable, solid metal extension ensuring precision and accuracy. The integrated system can enable healthcare providers to skip mandatory pre- and post-operative steps such as a CT scan or MRI as developments can be monitored as they take place on the operation table. Besides, the combination reduces drastically the possibility of a patient getting paralyzed post-operation or acquiring an infection, which, in turn, contributes to faster recovery and shorter hospitalisation period.

“Only a handful healthcare providers in India use robotics platforms for surgeries in the cities like New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai. ISIC is the first healthcare facility in India, to integrate MAZOR X™ Stealth Edition with O-Arm, a 3D imaging system for spinal surgery.  However, MAZOR X™ Stealth Edition is the most advanced one and is not available with any other healthcare provider in India at this time. Integrating it with O-Arm strengthens our commitment to patient’s quality of life as the combined platforms of robotics and O-arm promotes patient safety, higher accuracy level in screw placement, high rate of success even in the most complicated spinal surgeries, lesser radiation exposure, less chances of revision surgery and faster recovery by causing less postoperative pain and shorter hospital stay,” says Dr Chhabra

The O-arm is a platform designed for providing optimal imaging to the surgical work-flow is an automated system that allows the surgeon to work in a better-controlled environment, reduces the risk of errors caused by manual interventions, and can be easily moved from one operating room to another for concurrent use. On the other hand, MAZOR X™ Stealth Edition is recognised for sophisticated 3D analytics and robotic precision that helps the surgeon to achieve superior outcomes.

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