Karnataka, Telengana, Andhra Pradesh lead in COVID-19 vaccinations

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Vaccinated beneficiaries at 6,74,835 ; Karnataka tops list (82,97), followed by Telengana (69,405) and Andhra Pradesh 65,597

As the first phase of the pan-India COVID-19 vaccination campaign continues, by January 20, 7 am, a total of 6,74,835 beneficiaries have received the COVID-19 vaccination. In the last 24 hours, 2,20,786 people were vaccinated across 3,860 sessions. 11,720 sessions has been conducted so far, as per a health ministry statement.

Karnataka tops the list of vaccinated beneficiaries (82,97), followed by Telengana (69,405) and Andhra Pradesh 65,597 in the top three positions.

India’s total detected active caseload has fallen below the 2-lakh mark as of today January 20, to 1,97,201, which is 1.86 per cent of total cases, the lowest after 207 days. The total active cases were 1,97,387 on June 27, last year, as per a PIB statement.

16,988 cases have recovered and been discharged in the last 24 hours, the total recovered cases stand at 1.02 crore (10,245,741).

The gap in recovered and active cases presently stands at 10,048,540, with the recovery rate improved to 96.70 per cent today.

80.43 per cent of the new recovered cases are observed to be concentrated in 10 states/UTs, with Maharashtra reporting the maximum number of single day recoveries (4,516) followed by Kerala (4,296) and 807 in Karnataka.

However, these states also figure in the five states with 72 per cent of active cases: Kerala (35.74 per cent), Maharashtra (25.16 per cent), Uttar Pradesh (4.14 per cent), Karnataka (4 per cent) and West Bengal (3.44 per cent). Kerala reported the highest daily new cases at 6,186. It is followed by Maharashtra with 2,294 new cases.

Though there is a steady decline in the number of daily fatalities which stands at 162 over the last 24 hours, six states/UTs account for 71.6 per cent of these new deaths. Once again, Maharashtra saw the maximum casualties (50). Kerala and West Bengal follow with 26 and 11 daily deaths, respectively.

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    Proud to be telangana taking a vaccination care for people.