KHLC partners with Heartnet India to enhance cardiac care in Eastern India

This partnership is aimed at providing advanced cardiac care and infrastructure while focusing on the prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in the region

In response to a recent surge in heart attack cases among younger individuals in India, Heartnet India, provider of Asaan, an IoT-based cardiac care  solution have come together in a strategic partnership to elevate cardiac healthcare services in West Bengal and Eastern India. This partnership is aimed at providing advanced cardiac care and infrastructure while focusing on the prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in the region.

Recent data reveals a concerning trend of rising cardiovascular disease affecting younger adults aged 30 to 45, marking a shift from the previously observed prevalence among older individuals. Eastern India has experienced a higher incidence of cardiac cases in comparison to other regions in the country, underlining the need for dedicated efforts in CVD prevention and intervention.

Dr Sunip Banerjee, Founder-CEO & Chief Cardiologist, KHLC, says “We aim to take cardiac screening at grass root level in West Bengal and Eastern India with clinical expertise of KHLC along with the technology backbone of Heartnet to create 300 cardiac screening locations across the region. These centres will be supported and mentored by KHLC for Clinical Expertise and aim is to reduce the fast-rising CVD disease burden. We are committed to provide holistic support to the whole cardiac care cycle with early screening, fast diagnosis, timely intervention with appropriate rehabilitation rigor. Our recent association with Heartnet India will help us reach masses and spread awareness regarding CVD, guide through preventive measures and provide quality healthcare services at an affordable cost.”

Through this partnership, KHLC and Heartnet aims to implementing routine screening programs geared towards early detection of CVD and the prompt initiation of treatment. This proactive approach is expected to reduce the mortality rate in Eastern India. Additionally, the two organisations plan to enhance healthcare infrastructure and improve access to medical services in the region, thereby easing the burden on patients and their families.

Arindam Sen, CEO and Director, Heartnet India, says, “We are elated to be joining hands with KHLC to complement our vision of providing excellent cardiac healthcare infrastructure across India. The association will help us build healthcare facilities through trained healthcare professionals in the region. The collective efforts also focus on promoting preventive measures and creating awareness about CVD. Campaigns and outreach programs can educate people about the risk factors and ways to prevent CVD. With collective efforts, we can reduce the burden of CVD in Eastern India and ensure a healthier future for all.”



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