KSSSCI collaborates with Karkinos Healthcare and IIT Kanpur to establish CAMDRC in Lucknow

The CAMDRC Lab, located within the KSSSCI premises, will feature cutting-edge NGS machines for high throughput testing in its 25,000 square feet space

Kalyan Singh Super Specialty Cancer Institute (KSSSCI), a prominent institution under the aegis of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, joined hands with Karkinos Healthcare and the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur). This tripartite partnership marks the inception of the ‘Center for Advanced Molecular Diagnostics and Research for Cancer (CAMDRC)’, set to be established in Lucknow.

The formalisation of this collaboration was marked by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in the presence of Brajesh Pathak, the Deputy Chief minister and Minister of Medical Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh. The signing ceremony brought together representatives from KSSSCI, IIT Kanpur, and Karkinos Healthcare, as well as dignitaries including Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh and Durga Shankar Mishra, Chief Secretary, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Following the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet’s approval on the project and the Government’s vision to develop the cancer-care infrastructure in the state for the common people, has led to the creation of the Center for Advanced Molecular Diagnostics and Research for Cancer (CAMDRC), marking a step towards affordable precision medicine. This initiative aligns with the shift towards molecular diagnostics in cancer care, offering personalised treatments based on genetic insights and improving patient outcomes. The CAMDRC Lab, located within the KSSSCI premises, will feature cutting-edge NGS machines for high throughput testing in its 25,000 square feet space.

Pathak said “CAMDRC marks a significant milestone, propelling Uttar Pradesh into a pioneering role committed to deliver accessible and affordable molecular diagnostics, revolutionising cancer care practices under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji and Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath Ji.”

Mishra added, “By establishing CAMDRC in Lucknow, we work towards providing affordable cancer care solutions for the people of Uttar Pradesh, while simultaneously striving to create a comprehensive cancer atlas to fortify the healthcare sector.”

Dr Radha Krishan Dhiman, Director, KSSSCI, Lucknow said, “CAMDRC is an aspiration turning into a reality envisaging a joint bio-bank within the facility and without the support of Karkinos Healthcare, IIT-Kanpur and our Government, it would not have been possible.”

Prof. Tarun Gupta, Dean – Research & Development, IIT Kanpur  said, “Through this collaborative effort, we aim to position Uttar Pradesh at the forefront of superior cancer care, fostering innovation, advanced research, and a lasting partnership with the newly established Gangwal School of Medical Sciences and Technology.”

Dr. R Venkataramanan, Founder and CEO, Karkinos Healthcare said, “Witnessing the rising number of cancer cases in the state, CAMDRC will enable the state of Uttar Pradesh with a modern high-tech lab, aiming to transform patient care in the region through faster and accurate diagnosis. This advanced lab will have the potential to generate evidence and world-class research for better control and management of cancers, not only for Uttar Pradesh, but for the entire northern region.”


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