LifeCell launches Omega TB in partnership with HaystackAnalytics

The ΩTB was launched in June by PM Modi at BIRAC’s Biotech Startup Expo 2022 in New Delhi

LifeCell has announced the launch of ΩTB (pronounced as Omega TB) in partnership with HaystackAnalytics. The collaboration marks LifeCell’s foray into the genetic testing industry for Tuberculosis (TB) patients.

The whole genome-sequencing test, designed by Haystack Analytics, aims to tackle the challenge of drug resistance. Apart from this the test also helps in treating and preventing the spread of TB by providing timely, affordable and accurate diagnosis. The current culture and molecular tests providing limited information can take up to weeks for results. ΩTB is a single test that identifies all diagnostic information on TB infections. The test screens resistance of 18 listed antibiotics and shares results in just 10-12 days.

LifeCell’s WGS in collaboration with HaystackAnalytics can identify low-frequency resistance mutations and heterogeneous resistance with greater sensitivity. Moreover, WGS is also well-known in predicting resistant phenotypes against anti-TB drugs, designing optimum personalised treatment regimen, thereby enhancing favorable treatment outcomes in TB endemic settings. Apart from this, antibiotics such as EMB and PZA genotypic methods are also preferred since phenotypic methods may be more unreliable.



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