MedGenome acquires Illumina’s NovaSeq X Plus

Launches KaryoSeq to detect genome abnormalities in Prenatal and newborn conditions

MedGenome to offer advanced genomics services using Illumina’s NovaSeq X Plus in South Asia. With this, the company anticipates bringing down the reagent cost of Human Whole Genome sequencing to USD $200 in the near future. In conjunction with this acquisition, MedGenome has launched KaryoSeq (or Karyotype Sequencing), Whole Genome Sequencing to diagnose prenatal and newborn conditions.

The NovaSeq X Series generates more than 20,000 whole genomes per year – 2.5 times the throughput of prior sequencers at shorter turnaround time, this latest sequencer is aimed at making genomics more sustainable and accessible to more people globally. MedGenome has had a long-standing partnership with Illumina over the last decade expanding its portfolio of sequencing equipment with the latest offerings and becoming leaders in adopting the most up to date sequencing technology.

KaryoSeq is a faster and accurate solution which allows for the detection of small chromosomal abnormalities, such as microdeletions or microduplications, that may not be easily identified through microscopic examination alone. It is recommended for individuals with suspected or confirmed genetic disorders or an increased risk of carrying chromosomal abnormalities, aiming to provide precise and rapid results, and helping clinicians and families make informed decisions about inherent genetic conditions.

Dr Vedam Ramprasad, PhD, CEO, MedGenome said, “As pioneers in genetic testing with deep focus on scientific innovation and research, bringing NovaSeq X Plus in India will help us in making faster and accurate diagnosis. The launch of KaryoSeq further marks a significant milestone in the field of prenatal and newborn genetic testing in this part of the world, empowering clinicians with accurate and comprehensive genetic information. Traditionally, cost has played a major factor in penetrating the genetic testing market. MedGenome has been striving to make these tests affordable to the masses while adhering to global quality standards.  MedGenome’s KaryoSeq test is another step in this direction. The test is cost-effective while providing superior diagnostic yield and accuracy in identifying deletions and gains as small as 1 megabase (1 million DNA base pairs).”



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