Mental Health prerequisites for economic growth: Experts

The experts came together at the IHW Dialogue on “Reimagining Employee Wellbeing for India’s $5 Trillion Economy Target”, organised Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council

Seasoned human resource experts, mental health specialists, healthcare professionals, and sexual health experts unanimously agreed that emotional, physical and mental health all work together for the holistic and sustainable development of employees. The experts came together at the IHW Dialogue on “Reimagining Employee Wellbeing for India’s $5 Trillion Economy Target”, organised Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council and discussed about the need of employee wellbeing to ensure a thriving workforce and prioritise holistic wellbeing in the context of India’s ambitious $5 trillion economy target.

Dr Samir Parikh, Director -Department, Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis National Mental Health Program, while taking part in the discussion said that, “As far as employee mental health is concerned, access to treatment is very important. Mental health needs to be added in employee health packages for early intervention”.

The event discussed about the impact of employee wellbeing on the overall environment of the work place and their imperative role in the growth of the organisation. The deliberations addressed the ways in which organisations that prioritise employee well-being create a positive work environment, foster employee engagement and connections and ultimately experience higher productivity levels, increased job satisfaction, and improved overall business performance

Shailja Mittal, Founder & CEO, Qurex Healthcare Technologies, emphasised on the importance of sexual health and its impact on the three most important aspects of an individual’s life including health, personal relationships and performance at work and the need to include it in the discourse around employee health.

The last couple of years have put a spotlight on the importance of mental and physical wellness. A multi-year pandemic has made employees and employers alike realise that a healthy workforce is not important from a moral standpoint but also from a financial standpoint. This is precisely the reason why many HR and employee experience professionals are putting championing wellness in the workplace as a strategic priority for 2023.

While discussing about the role of employee health insurance Dr Rajiv Aggrawal, Sr. VP, National Leader-Key Account Management & Digital Health Strategy Employee Health & Benefits -Marsh, noted “Consumer behaviour has changed as far as digitalisation and technology is concerned and can play a pivotal role in accessible and affordable treatment for all corporate employees. At the same time insurance companies need to benefit from the new approach to provide inclusive solutions for preventive health.”

The experts also concluded that COVID-19 was an accelerator as far as mental health awareness is concerned. At the same time taking steps to include the unorganised workforce and ensuring their physical and mental development is also necessary.

Kamal Narayan, CEO, IHW Council observed that, “The number 5 trillion does not only signify materialistic benefits but the health and wellbeing of all approach, it is high time employers start considering employee health as an investment and start prioritizing it for long term impact.”

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