One billion vaccination certificates issued via DIVOC on the CoWIN platform in India

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DIVOC is a digital public good that helps countries roll out national vaccination and other public health programs

eGov foundation has announced that one billion vaccination certificates have been issued via the CoWIN platform in India, using eGov’s open-source software package (called “DIVOC” – Digital Infrastructure for Vaccination Open Credentialing).

DIVOC is a digital public good that helps countries roll out national vaccination and other public health programs. It is an open-source, free to use software solution that is compliant with the World Health Organization’s DDCC:VS specifications for vaccine certification, and has been integrated with India’s vaccination platform CoWIN. DIVOC was built with a “make in India for the world” approach, and is offered under an MIT open-source license for other countries to adopt.

Viraj Tyagi, CEO, eGov Foundation said, “We have been working for the last 18 years to ensure citizens get access to government services with ease and efficiency. We designed DIVOC as an open-source solution which can issue digital certificates and to drive national scale vaccination programs at speed and scale. We are glad we played a role in achieving the one billion vaccination landmark. We are now working with over five other countries to leverage DIVOC to roll out national scale vaccination programs.”

In addition to vaccination certificates via CoWIN, DIVOC was also involved in an ICMR initiative to launch the COVID-19 Report Portal, which gives citizens an easy way to access and download their COVID-19 test reports. Each report will hold a digitally signed and verifiable QR code, allowing citizens to carry/show their latest COVID test results in a secure manner.

DIVOC is aligned with global standards, is easy to adopt, scalable and can be integrated with other existing e-health systems. DIVOC has also been used for issuing digital vaccination certificates in Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.

DIVOC was architected with a strong underlying technical design, and effective privacy and security protocols; and can also seamlessly integrate with other existing systems that manage vaccine supply, hospital management, identity and payments services.

DIVOC is a part of eGov Foundation’s digital public infrastructure DIGIT, that has been used by state and local governments across India to improve access to government services for over 150 million+ citizens. DIGIT is a foundational and versatile digital infrastructure that supports and enables platforms in a variety of sectors, including urban governance, health, sanitation, and public finance management.

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