QubeHealth partners with Nova Benefits

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Aim to improve the employee well-being of 10 million Indians by 2025 

QubeHealth has partnered with Nova Benefits, the Bengaluru based employee wellness startup, to launch a full-coverage, employee health benefits product that combines 0% pre-approved healthcare financing, health insurance, and a healthcare marketplace for Indian corporates and their employees.

The combination of 0% financing with health insurance takes aim at the massive Out-of-Pocket-Expenditure (OoPE) spends on healthcare by Indians every year. ‘OoPE’ accounts for over 60% of India’s entire healthcare expenditure, with 7 out of 10 Indians not being covered under any health insurance or those with insurance, being under-covered.

Both companies have brought together their complementary strengths-Nova with their technology led, insurance and employee wellness discovery and purchase platform, and

QubeHealth with their healthcare financing & marketplace platform, to change the way Indian companies are addressing Employee Health Benefits post the pandemic.

Collectively serving over 500 companies in India, both companies are on a mission to help HR Teams make better healthcare decisions for their employees and for the employees to access and easily pay for the healthcare they need.

Chris George, CEO & Co-Founder of QubeHealth said, “We are on a mission to help Indians take control of their healthcare, one working Indian at a time. We share a common mission with Nova Benefits and want to simplify Indian healthcare for the employed Indian. This partnership is a step in that direction.”

Saransh Garg, Co-Founder of Nova Benefits added, “Historically employee health insurance and wellness has just been a checkbox item for corporates. The pandemic has changed that. We are excited to partner with QubeHealth, to improve the employee well-being of 10 million Indians by 2025 through application of targeted wellness programs, personalised care and a seamless insurance experience. With our help, employee-first companies can drive employee happiness and retention.”

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