Redcliffe, Sapio bring novel Hyperion Plasma Treatment to India

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Proven to cure COVID-19 with higher effectiveness than conventional plasma treatment

A novel treatment invented by a team of scientists from European Medical Association, together with Redcliffe Lifesciences and Sapio Analytics, is proven to cure COVID-19 with higher effectiveness than conventional plasma treatment.

“We have innovated an accessible treatment of COVID-19, using the widely accepted concept of plasma treatment, and combining it with adjuvant negative ion therapy using a proprietary ioniser device. The treatment has already been applied in China and Germany (3000+ patients), with successful results, proving to be about 10 times more effective than conventional plasma therapy, with recovery rate of severe and acute patients being less than 48 hours,” informed the innovators of the treatment in a press conference announcing its launch in India. The group is in the process of seeking approvals from ICMR and other authorities in order to start off clinical trials in India.

Dr Ahmad Abdulaziz AlJaziri, Consultant, General Laparoscopic Surgery, UAE is the lead inventor, with Prof em Dr Amina Ather, Representative, Asian countries, EMA  along with Dr Sunil Vittal Nayak, Indian Representative, EMA  under the umbrella of EMA as lead research and clinical leader. Redcliffe Lifesciences headed by Dheeraj Jain, Ashish Dubey and Rakesh Maurya is the exclusive commercial and clinical partner, while Sapio Analytics headed by Ashwin Srivastava and Hardik Somani is the government advisory, compliance, and planning partner.

“The treatment and its methodology are driven by data-based results of the said treatment of COVID-19 in UAE, China and Germany and combining the same with data-driven output models of plasma treatment and negative ion therapy, used outside of COVID-19. The methodology is designed and optimised in a manner that it can be administered on a range of patients with varying viral loads, using donors with varying levels of antibodies. This ability to create such a range makes it much more accessible than regular plasma treatment and helps usher India into an era of available COVID-19 treatment. The treatment is also combined with immune modulators of Phyto extracts and anti-influenza drugs,” adds the team about the methodology used in the treatment.

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