Strand Life Sciences expands its sequencing facility

The new cutting-edge instruments will drive Strand’s clinical genomic tests and the newly launched Genomic Health Insights (GHI) program to make sequencing accessible to all

Strand Life Sciences has introduced instrumentation for further automation and scaling. The newly added Illumina NovaSeq X Plus genome sequencer and Beckman Coulter’s advanced Biomek i7 Automated Liquid Handler position Strand well for greater volumes and efficiency.

The Illumina NovaSeq X Plus produces up to 16 Terabases of data in a single run at a lower cost per base than prior sequencing platforms. The Beckman Coulter Biomek i7 Automated Liquid Handler automates sample preparation and ensures repeatability. These new upgrades will enable Strand to offer doctors and patients cost-efficient sequencing diagnostics while meeting the increased demand for research and preventive testing.

Commenting on the expansion, Dr Ramesh Hariharan, CEO and Co-Founder, Strand Life Sciences, said, “We are excited about the addition of Illumina’s Novaseq X Plus and Beckman Coulter’s Biomek i7 platforms into our laboratory facility. This upgrade represents a significant step forward in the quest to make genome sequencing accessible to all in India.”



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