The Woman’s Company launches ‘The Compassionate Pad’ and the ‘Tender Bot’

The Compassionate Pad by The Woman’s Company is the sanitary pad designed keeping in mind the needs of women going through pregnancy and baby loss

1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss. There are 23 million miscarriages worldwide, every year. Yet, there is a culture of silence and secrecy around this. October is Pregnancy and Baby Loss Awareness Month. To mark this, The Woman’s Company, in collaboration with Facebook, have come together to raise awareness, offer support and start a conversation about pregnancy loss.

The Woman’s Company, together with Facebook Creative Shop and Play Communications, has launched ‘The Compassionate Pad,’ the world’s first pad designed for women suffering from pregnancy loss. In addition, this initiative also sees the launch of a messaging Bot – ‘TENDER.’ Tender.

The Compassionate Pad by The Woman’s Company is the world’s first sanitary pad designed keeping in mind the needs of women going through pregnancy and baby loss.

Anika Parashar founded the brand in March 2020 with Roopam Gupta in order to produce and deliver tailor-made intimate wellness and hygiene products for today’s women. These are customized to embrace the changing phases of women’s bodies, as well as being environmentally conscious. The Woman’s Company is not just an FMCG company – it is also a healthcare platform for women led by women, with decades of experience in healthcare and retail.

Says Parashar, “Pregnancy Loss is not talked about enough. It is a fact that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss, around the world. Given that so many women experience this at some point in their lifetimes and yet there is unaddressed grief, pain and lack of acknowledgement, is extremely concerning. In coming together with Facebook, we are trying to give all of those women a voice and saying to them – ‘We see you. We see your pain and we acknowledge it in the small way we can.”

Sanover Srivastav & Divya Nailwal (Co-founders of PLAY and Creative Strategists for The Woman’s Company) commented, “When we got the opportunity to work on the Compassionate Pad, we knew that the compassion needs to come right from the product’s packaging as that will be this woman’s first exposure to the product. So, we created unique packaging that would connect with her at an emotional level, with every pad change and then lead her on to TENDER, the compassionate chatbot.”

Caitlin Ryan, Vice President, Facebook Creative Shop, EMEA said, “The Compassionate Pad is an inspiring example of how our platforms can connect people and businesses and marketing can demonstrate the humanity of business.  It shows a shift towards brands behaving as social actors that can deliver value to the communities they serve. In the case of The Compassionate Pad, we hope to see this turn into an industry blueprint for all types of hygiene female brands – as the topic of pregnancy and infant loss knows no borders, and people around the world go through it with little to no access to fact-checked information or support.”

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