Ujala Cygnus Hospitals partners with Delhi Government and Doctors for You to create 1,000 oxygen beds facility in Delhi

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The facility is operational. Those who want to avail it, can register at 6398377083 via WhatsApp

Ujala Cygnus Hospitals has partnered with Delhi Government and Doctors for You to create a 1,000 oxygen-bed facility to help ease the COVID-19 burden to a certain extent. This facility will be offering 24×7 medical supervision, including round-the-clock availability of doctors and nurses on premises for patient care, along with food supply. The hospital has pulled its resources from wherever possible, along with getting a lot of volunteers, non-governmental organisations (NGO)s, who have joined hands with it.

The facility is operational. Those who want to use it, can register at 6398377083 via WhatsApp.

Speaking on this, Probal Ghosal, Chairman, Ujala Cygnus Healthcare Services, mentioned, “We have always been committed to provide high-quality healthcare delivery systems for the population in tier- II/tier-III cities of north India and even during the current scenario where infrastructure has been under tremendous pressure, we are committed in doing our best. On the other hand, with Delhi crumbling under huge patient inflow, we understand the urgency of creating additional infrastructure for managing the quantum of patients and hence have joined hands with the Delhi Government in setting up this 1,000 oxygen-bed facility which shall be ramped up further depending on the availability of the resources.”

With all-time-high COVID-19 cases and with a growing number of positive cases in the state, there is a dire need for newer facilities. Hence, a lot of initiatives are being taken by both private- and public-sector organisations in building infrastructure to cater to the requirements.

General volunteers, nurses and doctors, who wish to be a part of this initiative can register themselves at www.ujalacygnus.com/volunteer or send a message to 7291902125 on WhatsApp.

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