Versana Essential™ Care with Confidence

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Introducing Versana Essential™: the easy to use and easy to own, world-class ultrasound designed for peace of mind. In your OB/ GYN practice, you hold the hopes of women and their babies in your hands every day. We understand that the demands of your practice are unique, and that you are ready to offer your patients the benefit of world-class ultrasound. That is why we created Versana Essential™ – to provide the capability, services, and support you want, without sacrificing the quality, reliability, and affordability you need.

A partner you can trust

Align yourself with a trusted ultrasound partner – who understands the unique demands of your medical center. Versana Essential is designed with long-lasting, reliably excellent GE imaging technology. Versana Essential brings you the complete dependability you would expect from GE Healthcare. In addition, you can count on our global support and robust warranty to run your medical center with peace of mind.

A complete solution

Versana Essential is a complete ultrasound solution – one you can learn to use quickly and productively. It enables confident clinical decision making for quick referrals and immediate clinical correlation. Optional local education offerings* , including hands-on sessions and certification help get you up-to-speed quickly. Versana Essential is easy-to-own with optional financing terms* and customizable solutions to help manage the cost of ownership.

Patient focus with support from:

  • Whizz – our one-touch, dynamic image optimisation
  • SonoBiometry – automated fetal measurements; bi-parietal diameter, head circumference, abdominal circumference & femur length
  • Real-time reference information from Scan Coach to help locate the correct scan plane
  • Tips and information from our My Trainer product training modules to configure the system and maximize workflow

An opportunity for growth

  • Versana Essential features a range of transducers and applications that enhance the amount of information you see during your diverse patient exams.
  • Versana essential is upgradable, and includes software designed to:
  • Simplify your workflow
  • Empower your clinical efficiency
  • Suit your daily practice
  • Meet your evolving needs
  • Help you scan with confidence right from the start

All in all, Easy to use and easy to own. World-class ultrasound designed for peace of mind.