HellolyfCX Digital Dispensary wins UN Innovation Award 

HellolyfCX is a portable digital clinic and be used during COVID-19 pandemic

HellolyfCX Digital Dispensary wins the Public Appreciation Award 2020 at the HIEX – Health Innovation Exchange hosted by UNAIDS and other partners. It was voted as the top innovation by the maximum number of innovators, health experts, policymakers and other visitors to the exchange.

HellolyfCX is a portable digital clinic which is safe even in a pandemic like COVID19, protected by UV-C light disinfection, positive pressure and an acrylic barrier between the nurse and the patient. It does not require a doctor. Doctors can see the patient remotely on video, conduct examination remotely through the Internet of Things, all tests are done inside within 15 minutes using Point of Care diagnostics, and medicines are dispensed automatically from a machine.

The award movie and the innovation can be seen at https://youtu.be/fGHuhqte500

The Health Innovation can be visited at https://event.healthinnovation.exchange/booth?id=89

Founded on a shared commitment that no one is left behind in the journey towards the SDGs, the HIEx forges a community of political leaders, decision-makers, health experts, technology and science leaders, innovators, investors, accelerators and implementers and all those who can share, explore and synergize efforts for sustainable impact.

The innovations presented in the market place aim to respond to some of the most critical health challenges faced by countries and communities, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Innovations range from products to detect counterfeit medicines and illicit substances to digital solutions such as telemedicine platforms that provide remote online medical services, mobile applications to promote the sexual health of young people and COVID-19 diagnostics.

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