Set up COVID-19 hospital near Jaipur Bench: Rajasthan High Court Bar Association

Due to surge in COVID-19 positive cases, physical court hearings have been stopped again
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The Rajasthan High Court Bar Association has requested the state Advocate General to set up a COVID-19 Hospital in the High Court premises of Jaipur Bench.

A letter written by the State High Court Bar Association to MS Singhvi, Rajasthan State Advocate General informed that the severity of COVID-19 pandemic situation in the state seems to be getting worse. It also mentioned that hospitals in Jaipur are already occupied and it is difficult to get the treatment.

The letter highlighted that considering the rising number of coronavirus positive cases and unavailability of beds in Jaipur, the lawyer fraternity and staff of the High Court, including their family members who are in serious trouble of getting proper and timely treatment, are requesting for the establishment of COVID-19 hospital near to Jaipur Bench.

The association has requested the authority to set up at least a six-bedded facility, which should be equipped with all the essential equipment from the Government of Rajasthan’s Medical and Health Department.

Shashank Agarwal, Vice President, Rajashtan High Court Bar Association informed, “Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation in the country and to prevent the spread of coronavirus, physical hearing was temporarily stopped in the month of March which resumed in June along with the option of virtual hearing through video conference. However, considering the spread of the virus and many positive cases of coronavirus in the High Court, for the time being, physical hearing has been stopped.”

“The High Court remained open during the lockdown period and since April 2020, through video conferencing courtroom activities continued. After taking all the precautions and necessary sanitisation programmes the court allowed only five people to enter the courtroom, still, it started reporting 20 plus COVID-19 positive cases, within the premises which include lawyer’s fraternity, High Court staff along with their family members. Therefore, we have urged the authority to set up a COVID-19 hospital near the Jaipur Bench,” he added.

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