TB awareness programme unveiled by Artemis Hospital

‘Its a Fightback’ programme aims for community-driven interventions promoting health, focusing on TB among the vulnerable population in the Gurugram district, Haryana

Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, has unveiled the third phase of the “It’s a Fightback” programme under its CSR initiative with the goal of eliminating tuberculosis (TB) in India. Supported by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, and led by USAID, this program aims for community-driven interventions promoting health, focusing on TB among the vulnerable population in the Gurugram district, Haryana, by emphasising stakeholder involvement in Social and Behavioural Change (SBC) approaches to address health inequalities.

Addressing the gathering, Dr Virender Yadav (Chief Medical Officer, Gurugram) said that out of a target of 8800 cases, about 4600 have been detected. This time, 50 per cent of the cases will be diagnosed by private hospitals. He also emphasised the need for adequate testing, for which sufficient IECs and public awareness are necessary.

Run by GLRA India, the programme focuses on social participation to eliminate health inequalities, with an emphasis on TB. The third phase of ‘It’s Fightback’ will run from June 2024 to March 2025. It aims to make the villages and urban slums of Gurugram TB-free. This project aims to curb the spread of TB among vulnerable people in villages around Gurugram – Manesar, Bas Kushla, Bhorakalan, and Aliar Dhana and reduce the number of deaths due to TB.

Dr Keshav Sharma, District TB Officer said that initiatives like TB-free workplace, TB-free Panchayat, TB-free industries, and TB-free educational institutions, have been inculcated as a part of the programme along with active door-to-door case finding. Along with this, nutrition support is being given to the patients, and Artemis has already given 95 per cent nutritional support to TB patients. Further, more such initiatives are aiming to be adopted under the T.B. Mukt Bharat Abhiyan.

Shibu George said, that, under the programme, TB and WASH awareness-related materials will be disseminated in local languages. Outreach programmes, campaigns, dialogue programmes, and meetings will be organised to raise awareness about TB and tests for TB, anaemia, and NCD will be made available through screening camps. A TB task force will be formed in every village and they will be trained.

 TB is a serious problem in India, in 2022–23, about 22.3 lakh new and relapse cases were reported. Even after improved medication, treatment, and TB preventive therapy (TPT), early detection of TB remains a challenge. The problem is especially serious in marginalised communities. TB-Free India campaign of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has accelerated efforts to eliminate TB and public participation has been promoted in this campaign.

Artemis has conducted the It’s Fightback campaign with this strategy. Reportedly, about 20,897 people were reached in Khoh, Kasan, and Nawada villages. Of these 675 presumed TB cases were referred, and 29 new cases were reported. 

Dr Virender Yadav (Chief Medical Officer, Gurugram) and Dr Rakesh Sharma (District TB Officer), were present. Officials from Artemis Hospital – Shalini Kanwar (Director and CSR Chairperson), Dr Namita Jaggi (Director, Lab Services & Infection Control & Chief, Education & Research), Dr Sujata Soy (Principle Lead, CSR), Dr Manju Aggarwal (Director, Department of Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation), Flt Lt Saras Malik (Chief People Officer, HR) were present. Additionally, Vinay Kumar (Board of Trustee, GLRA India), and Shibu George (Board Advisor, German Leprosy & TB Relief Association India) along with others were also present.


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