Dissecting the future of diagnostics

The first edition of Dx Summit brought together the best minds to deliberate and debate on the right strategies to shape a sustainable future for diagnostics business in India
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First edition of Dx Summit held in Hyderabad

Special Address: Dr Avinash Phadke, President and Mentor, SRL & Founder, Dr Avinash Phadke Labs

Enhancing lab productivity through latest generation flow cytometry and automation solutions

Panel discussion: The next disruption in diagnostics

Current and future perspectives in tissue diagnostics within India

Panel discussion: Is diagnostics business in India an opportunity or a challenge?

ADAMTS-13 An aid in diagnosing TTP

Special address: Dr A Velumani, CEO & Founder, Thyrocare

Unifying across the care continuum for measurable impact to patients, payors, clinicians and entire health system

Panel discussion: Automations – Costs, Rewards and Risks

The impact of EDL

Special address: Dr V Jyotsna, Lab Head, Consultant BioChemistry, Telangana Diagnostics

Panel discussion: Building a quality conscious diagnostic sector for India

Diagnostics beyond 2020 The decade of data

Reaching the next millions New tools and market innovation for healthier India

Panel discussion: The precision medicine era: Is India ready?

Dx Leadership Awards

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