Panel discussion: The next disruption in diagnostics

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Disruption is said to be a critical component of innovation in any healthcare organisation. Disruption ensures that every organisation continues to focus on innovations that improves productivity, efficiency and patient satisfaction. Therefore, in any diagnostic laboratory, periodic upgradation of technology and constant innovation are keys to providing patients with the best of healthcare services. The panel discussion focussed on how to effectively harness disruption and disruptive technologies to further improve the quality, value and patient experience in diagnostic services as well as enhance career and company growth effectively.


  • Preventive genomics has a lot of scope in India, but the clinical knowledge in this field still needs to be developed
  • Baseline data for preventive genomics is extremely crucial for the future of the sector
  • Lifestyle change is an important element to
    reduce healthcare costs, hence early detection if diseases will be key
  • Radiology backed by AI will be a gamechanger Nutrigenomics will be a positive disruptor in future

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(L-R) Dr Vidur MahajanCentre headCEOCOOExecutive DirectorFounderGene Box; Dr Anu AcharyaMahajan Imaging; Dr Pranav AnamMapmygenome; Dr Vedam RamprasadMedgenome Labs and Dr Ajay PhadkeSRL Dr Avinash Phadke Labs (moderator)
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