History of teleradiology and its future

Teleradiology has been a successful application of telemedicine that exists today. It has immense opportunities in India to transform healthcare delivery like never before. Some experts believe that teleradiology can be the uberisation of healthcare. Dr Arjun Kalyanpur, Chief Radiologist, Teleradiology solutions elaborated on the history and evolution of teleradiology in our country. He also highlighted the future trends and opportunities for radiologist in the field.

He began by talking about the history of teleradiology and its relevance in the Indian context. He chronicled the evolution of the field saying, “Technology evolution in tele radiology began with RIS/PACS to workflow, enterprise to cloud and now it has transformed to AI and deep learning.” According to Dr Kalyanpur, teleradiology offers new avenues for global reach.

Moreover radiology as a medical discipline in India has advanced rapidly, but sadly the radiology training programmes have not kept pace and radiologists in most parts of the country are currently in short supply. Dr Kalyanpur, believes that teleradiology provides a bridge that allows radiologists’ skills to be better utilised at a time of short supply.

He also believes that India can be a good market for teleradiology service providers opening new avenues for competitive business as well as sub-specialisation of radiology services. It can be a catalyst for rising expectations from patients and healthcare providers as well as for improved standards. It can also be a potent enabler for AI, Dr Kalyanpur maintained.

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