Anthill partners with Kanfit3D for India expansion

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Has helped partner Kanfit3D with a local 3D printing manufacturing company

Anthill Ventures, a speed scaling ecosystem that invests in and scales early-stage startups has announced a partnership with Israeli health tech company Kanfit3D.

As per a release, Anthill has helped Kanfit3D set up India presence by providing market access to numerous healthcare providers and enabled them to set up a manufacturing unit in India by partnering them with local 3D printing manufacturing company.

Medical implants in India are usually imported from overseas destinations like Germany, which are expensive and have a higher gestation rate to reach India. The medical implants made in India are also not customised for each patient which does not allow patients to absorb and build bone quickly thus posing a higher risk of infections and are likely to delay post-op recovery.  The non-customised medical implants do not offer design flexibility and also pose a higher risk of stress shielding.

With an endeavour to be recognised internationally as the most advanced additive manufacturing facility for 3D implants and medical devices through the development and implementation of efficient, automatable processes, Kanfit3d will help doctors and hospitals in India to provide their patients with custom medical implants that are made specifically for them with the best quality, under high standard and health regulation, competitive cost and short supply time.

According to Sailesh Sigatapu, Partner, Anthill Ventures, “Anthill is well-positioned to help Kanfit3D scale in the India market – borne out of our huge network of healthcare providers and specialists in the field. Setting up a manufacturing presence in India will help them address the specialised needs of the local market with ease and speed.”

As per the media handout, Kanfit3D uses printers for the most advanced metals in the world, and is located in the Tziporit high-tech industrial zone in Northern Israel.

The advantages of Kanfit3D in using 3D printers is the company’s expertise in printing with aluminum and titanium alloys, which enables the production of parts that cannot be manufactured with other technology. 3D printed implants offer a perfect fit for the patients as they are designed precisely as per the patient’s anatomy – “tailor-made” implants.

The company already has almost 70 successful cases across India during the last 24 months, as per the release.

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