APGRF will surely be a path breaking institution: Dr Devi Shetty

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AHPI Patients Grievance Redressal Forum to work as a mediator between hospitals and patients, to promote rights and responsibilities of patients through dialogue with healthcare providers

The Association of Healthcare Providers of India (AHPI) recently launched the AHPI Patients Grievance Redressal Forum (APGRF) to educate as well as listen to grievances of patients as consumers while availing services from private healthcare providers.

An AHPI release notes that in the absence of such initiatives, patients tend to seek legal help, without adequate knowledge about their rights and responsibilities and other aspects of the case. In most cases it results in hassles for patients as well as hospitals. The prime objective of the forum is to promote rights and responsibilities of patients through dialogue with healthcare providers. Patients can email on grievance@ahpi.in with their grievances and the Forum will address the issue.

The APGRF intends to work as a mediator between concerned hospitals and patients and keep them well informed which will help to make the process smooth without unwanted delays and save time of both parties, according to the release.

APGRF is made up of a number of member organisations related to healthcare consumer groups such as national level pensioner associations, state health consumer organisations, health consumer organisations and networks dedicated to health conditions with a general interest in healthcare consumer affairs. APGRF networking partners will help in coordinating and reaching out to large percentage of patients/ health consumers across country.

Expressing his hopes for the initiatives while speaking at the virtual launch, Dr Devi Shetty, patron and founder, AHPI said, “Today we are dreaming to provide a platform to listen to the grievances of the patients; I will not be surprised if in 5 to 10 years from now this platform gets recognised as one of the prime legal entity in our country.”

He also added, “We are confident mainly because patients go to the courts with their complaints but there is nobody to explain them their rights, claims etc. as it is highly required and with this endeavour there will be existence of a forum consisting of healthcare providers of course not from same hospitals to assist them. It will surely be a path breaking institution, it will be a great help to the thousands of hospitals and patients. I sincerely thank my other team members for the cooperation and faith in the idea.”

Dr Venkat Rao, chairman, APGRF conveyed his appreciation to the participating members at the inauguration and said, “We have faith in the forum that it will live up to the objectives it is designed for. We are extremely grateful to have to help and assist our patients and add to the value of our healthcare system.”

Dr Alexander Thomas, president; AHPI, Cdr Navneet Bali, national convener, AHPI; RP Singh, secretary general, Quality Council of India; and Dr Girdhar Gyani, Member Secretary, AHPI as well as all AHPI state chapter representatives participated in the programme.

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