Epillo launches mobile app for patients, EHR System and healthcare service providers

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The app has different features for clinicians, pharmacists as well as individuals named as ‘NTRx Clinical, INTRx Pharma and INTRx – For Everyone

Epillo Health Systems has launched a mobile application for patients, Electronic Health Record (HER) systems for healthcare practitioners and service providers that will transform inter-connected solution line systems for patients, doctors, care teams, clinic managers, pharmacies, laboratories, health coaches and dieticians.

Estonia-based Epillo Health Systems has patent-pending innovations in 153 countries through the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO/PCT) and 27 countries of the European Union (EU) through the European Patent Office (EPO). The company has also been appraised at $150 million as of April 2021 for their proprietary digital health technology, called INTRx, which will run drug and food constituent interaction analysis.

The app has different features for clinicians, pharmacists as well as individuals named as INTRx Clinical, INTRx Pharma and INTRx – For Everyone.  The INTRx Clinical system offers doctors and clinics to manage the patient portfolio and health with features like e-prescribing, teleconsultations, patient-coordinated care, monitoring and analytics, diet, lab tests, etc. It also takes care of administrative and financial workflows, appointment management and teleconsultation functionalities to doctors, clinical staff, health coaches, dieticians and laboratories.

Epillo – INTRx Pharma manages prescription order management and inventory management solutions for pharmacies.

Speaking during the virtual launch of the app, Aasif Shah, CEO, Epillo Health Systems, quipped, “We will have to quickly adapt and transform to newer and safer technologies to boost the healthcare infrastructure. The adoption of the blockchain distributed ledger model in Epillo’s Digital Health solutions will create an unprecedented level of accuracy, privacy and security in health data for healthcare stakeholders and patients. We are aiming at 500k downloads by the end of this year as we scale up gradually.”

To be initially available in Singapore, Malaysia, the US and India, the app works with artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain, and can be downloaded on iOS and Android-based phones. The android version of the patient m-app named Epillo – For everyone will hit the market in the first week of June and the iOS version should come around the end of second week of June simultaneously.

So far, there are more than 200 doctors on board to support the telemedicine feature for this app and they will be gradually ramping up these numbers in the coming future.

Dr Bhupinder Singh, Chair of Board, Epillo Health Systems, asserted, “It is time to break the silos. This application development took us almost five years to streamline the detailing of the connected healthcare ecosystem. The influx of information moving across from patients to doctors to service providers is increasing post-pandemic. One needs to have an integrated approach on a real-time basis to streamline healthcare practice and we are happy to present a solution in a simplified format.”

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