Kestone and collaborate to enhance patient care in Indian hospitals

Partnership to help drive adoption of's ‘Patient Relationship Management’ platform

Kestone, the integrated marketing services division of CL Educate and parent company of VOSMOS, recently announced a strategic partnership to help launch’s products suites/ platforms  in India. 

The platform is “AI-Powered”, “Human-Trained” to provide personalised care to patients with chronic disease management, discharge instructions, medication details, and more. By providing better care to patients, the hospital will reduce the burden on doctors and staff. This approach not only lowers readmission rates but also boosts overall patient satisfaction, informs the statement.

“Research indicates that 40 per cent of patients suffer from anxiety and depression post-surgery, and 90 per cent have questions regarding their procedure and discharge. Transitioning from hospital to home care can cause stress and anxiety for both hospitals and patients. is a Patient Relationship Management platform designed to enhance the patient care journey and equip healthcare providers with automation tools,”  said Meenakshi M., Director of Communications & Storytelling at VOSMOS.

The platform addresses these concerns in real-time through an intuitive Discharge RadarTM interface, easing the workload on healthcare staff and improving the overall patient experience,” she added.

The go-to-market strategy begins with conducting thorough market research and landscape analysis of the Indian hospital market to identify key target customer segments, needs, competitive offerings, and positioning opportunities. 

The platforms under will be adapted and customised for Indian cultural, linguistic needs as well as ensure compliance with local regulations and data policies. Leveraging the established network of Kestone and VOSMOS, strategic partnerships will be formed with hospitals/providers, health tech companies, startups and medical associations for credibility and reach. 

Integrated marketing campaigns will be developed, highlighting the individual product’s benefits through digital marketing, trade events, content marketing, influencer engagement and advocacy programs. Further a sales team will be built and trained, supplemented by a customer support structure catered to local needs. Deployment planning and robust onboarding processes will be implemented for acquiring new clients across India.

The strategy incorporates a continuous improvement process – incorporating user feedback to enhance product-market fit, analysing data and performance metrics to optimise plans, and adapting based on market dynamics and emerging trends. With its innovative AI capabilities and Kstone’es market expertise, is set to transform the patient relationship management’ services experience across India.
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