Messe Frankfurt India’s Medical Device Innovation Summit to address growing demand for specialised medical equipment

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Webinar of August 29 to bring together medical equipment suppliers, consultants, solution providers, hospitals and the medical fraternity on one platform, to enable stakeholders to identify new growth opportunities

Messe Frankfurt India in association with Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED), Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ), Association of Diagnostics Manufacturers of India (ADMI) and Digital Health India Association (DHIA) will host a webinar tomorrow, August 29, titled “The Medical Device Innovation Summit.”

Set to bring together medical equipment suppliers, consultants, solution providers, hospitals and the medical fraternity under a single roof so as to work closely together and identify new growth opportunities, the webinar will focus on these discussion points:

– Indian medical device industry Post COVID-19.

– Growth opportunities ahead for the healthcare sector.

– Post COVID-19 era – Achieving a breakthrough to realise Universal Health Coverage.

– The rise of telehealth and other digital health platforms.

Date: 29/08/2020

Time: 2PM-3:30 PM IST

Topic: “Medical Device Industry Post COVID-19: Era of Opportunities and Innovation

Where: Zoom Platform

Registration Link:

With plans to launch the Medical Device Innovation Summit as a large-format Confex in 2021, Raj Manek, Executive Director and Board Member, Messe Frankfurt Asia Holdings shared, “The Indian pharma industry has established a leadership position in the global pharma market. With the support of a robust domestic medical device industry, India can showcase strong competitiveness and gain a renewed focus towards the improvement of its health infrastructure. We hope the discussions can make way for identifying new opportunities and enabling access to safe and affordable healthcare in the country.”

Rationale for the Medical Device Innovation Summit

The webinar comes against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. As nation continues its battle against COVID-19, together with the healthcare workers on the frontline, the pharma and medical device industries have been actively playing a crucial role and strengthening efforts to ensure best healthcare services and medical equipment. With India standing as the most prominent destination for medical tourism as well as a leading player in the global pharmaceuticals industry, demand for specialised, high-tech medical equipment is expected to surge.

India’s response to the on-going pandemic through building a strong supply chain of test kits, ventilators among other innovative medical and diagnostics tools has shown the nation’s agility in scaling up manufacturing of indigenous products. The Indian medical device industry which is currently estimated at $11 billion is poised for significant growth in the next five years. However, it has been largely import-driven with 90 per cent of sophisticated devices being imported from around the world.

With the Prime Minister’s recent clarion call of “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, bolstering domestic manufacturing of medical devices will play a crucial role in empowering the country’s strong healthcare and medical devices industry in the post COVID-19 era.

Messe Frankfurt India’s Medical Device Innovation Summit scheduled for August 29 through a live virtual session, will take further the objective to highlight growth opportunities and latest developments in this field.

While the over-arching theme will bring attention to Indian medical device industry post COVID-19 and opportunities ahead, the sessions will highlight the rise of telehealth and other digital health platforms as well as cohesive strategies to realise universal health coverage.

India is already the largest provider of generic drugs globally and while Indian pharma sector is expected to grow to $100 billion, the growth rate of India’s medical device industry is expected to double the global industry growth rate to touch $25 billion by 2025.

Messe Frankfurt India has been actively involved in tracking industry growth and addressing rising concerns on counterfeit products in the pharma industry through its Pharmasafe India conference and webinar series. The Medical Device Innovation Summit scheduled for August 29 aims to take this initiative forward for the medical devices sector.

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