National Doctor’s Day: Family doctors on the front line

Every doctor is a super hero in a white coat, always on duty of protecting us. Their selfless service to mankind deserves our sincere gratitude and respect. 

The theme of National Doctor’s Day in India 2022 is ‘Family Doctors on the Front Line’ which highlights the contribution of the doctors for their service and dedication to humanity.

Dr Pramod V Satya, Consultant-Internal Medicine, Manipal Hospital Millers Road explaining about the theme of this years Doctor’s Day said, “Here’s the concept of the family doctor that we grew up in our childhood is very interesting. And it’s medically scientifically and morally a very good thing to have. If you guys have lived somewhere in  America or in England, when you move to a new locality, you have to get yourself registered with a GP (General Practitioner). For any problem, you have to approach a GP and only your GP refers you to a specialist for the exact diagnosis. So that way the general practitioner is like your family doctor from the olden days. The advantage of having a family doctor is that he/she will have details of your medical history, and will be aware of what medicines suits us. Only with a single glance, your family doctor will be able to diagnose you or recommend you to a specialist, if required. So it’s like taking your car to your same mechanic every year for your servicing. Your family doctor will be a very good referral system, that will guide you to the right specialist. You won’t be walking to a neurologist with a history of headaches. You would first go to your family doctor, and will try to treat you at his level with his own medicines, only if he feels necessary, he would refer another doctor. So I think having a family doctor is a very good way of primary health care. So I think that system should be encouraged.”

Dr Ramakant Deshpande, Executive Chairman, ACI Hospitals mentions, “The uncertain phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, was an eye-opener for most of us across the globe. It emphasised the global need for rapidly responsive healthcare systems and the value of the healthcare workers. Doctors today play a very crucial role in our society and in maintaining the overall healthcare system. According to reports 80 per cent of the doctors feel stressed at work, 40 per cent are stressed due to fear of violence and 20 per cent are scared of prosecution. It is an understatement when we say that they are the real heroes. They devote their lives to treating patients and offering services that enhance our overall wellbeing. Lauding the efforts of these real heroes, we at ACI hospitals endeavour to give them the respect they deserve. In concurrence, we are happy to have also launched a campaign called “#YetTheyServe” commemorating and acknowledging their efforts time and again. Within the walls of the Institute, few labour unceasingly so that many may survive.”

Gaurav Gupta, Co-founder, Navia Life Care says, “Doctors are one of the most inspiring figures in society and their effort should be celebrated every day. This pandemic has emphasised the importance of medical professionals in our lives. This year is once again dedicated to all those doctors and healthcare professionals serving in these covid times by risking their lives to serve humanity. This #Doctor’s day let us take moment to salute these heroes.”

Saurabh Kochhar, Founder and CEO, Meddo said, “To honour all the doctors and other healthcare professionals who put their lives in danger to assist people in these trying times, another year has been set aside. Doctors and other medical experts who labour around-the-clock are leading the fight against the coronavirus, which has altered the way we view life today. Because of the epidemic, many of us have learned the importance of doctors in our lives and have come to appreciate the vast array of services that they provide in our community. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, technology has made it possible to improve patient experience and decrease wait times for outpatient care by modernising and standardising services.”






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