Preetha Reddy takes charge as new President of NATHEALTH

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Reddy succeeds erstwhile President, Dr Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman, Manipal Hospitals

Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals, has taken over as the new President of NATHEALTH. She succeeds erstwhile President, Dr Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman, Manipal Hospitals.

The new elected NATHEALTH leadership team also includes:

  • Dr Harsh Mahajan, Founder and Chief Radiologist, Mahajan Imaging takes over as Senior Vice President of NATHEALTH
  • Badhri Iyenger, Cluster Managing Director – South Asia (SAARC) & South East Asia (ASEAN) at Smith & Nephew as Vice President NATHEALTH
  • Dr Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, CEO Fortis Healthcare as Secretary NATHEALTH
  • Dr Shravan Subramayam, Managing Director, India and Neighbouring Markets at Roche Diagnostics India as the Treasurer NATHEALTH
  • Siddhartha Bhattacharya, Secretary General, NATHEALTH will continue to head NATHEALTH secretariat while lending support to the leadership team, working towards the goal of making NATHEALTH, a robust platform for long term growth and sustainability of India’s private healthcare sector.

Integration, collaboration and re-imagination

While taking charge of NATHEALTH, Reddy said “Today, we stand at the crossroads of a time which is ready for change. At one end, we have taken giant strides to establish ourselves as a highly skilled and efficient medical ecosystem with excellent clinical outcomes driving a powerful value proposition. But this is counterbalanced by a massive disease burden, large dichotomies in healthcare delivery and a paucity of health infrastructure. The path to achieve a holistic goal of universal healthcare hinges on collaboration where all the key industry stakeholders can come together deliberate, cooperate and work in tandem to bridge the vital gaps in service delivery. Equally important is to establish a collaborative platform to coordinate national resilience against COVID pandemic through value based public private partnerships.”

“Healthcare industry participants in India have come together to work along with policy makers to create an environment that will power the next wave. NATHEALTH is the genesis of this movement. It is the forum that will facilitate the shift in mind-set, delivery and decision making,” added Reddy.

Dr Mahajan commented “As we scale many of the structural challenges- one thing is clear. NATHEALTH will need to connect to the best of the minds in the healthcare sector to have a unified voice that shapes the future dialogue and healthcare narrative. We will sharpen our focus on thought leadership, creating new market and tech access, robust communication, transparency in governance and forging partnerships with smaller organisations and nursing associations. The ultimate aim is to be able to provide world-class healthcare to the masses at affordable prices.

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