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Harminder Singh Multani, CEO, MyDentalPlan explains about technology adoption in dental care industry

Technology has been transforming how business is being done across the globe and India is no different in this regard. In the last few years, India has been on the cusp of digitalisation and it is quickly bracing itself for the 5G era. The pandemic has also played its part in increasing the adoption and dependence of technology.

Even before the pandemic, many businesses had been harnessing technology in varied ways to scale up their operations and offer services at affordable costs.

Scaling operations

At MyDentalPlan, technology forms the backbone of all operations. The company was set up in February 2015 with the objective of offering standardised, top-notch dental care at uniform rates. With the help of technology, MyDentalPan has been able to quickly scale up operations and grow its network to every nook and corner of the country.

In just six years of operations, MyDentalPlan has expanded its operations to PAN India level and is currently present in more than 220 cities in India and established over 1,500 clinics. It has also enrolled more than 4,000 verified dentists that enable it to offer the best dental care. Technology has enabled MyDentalPlan to expand its operations even in areas that were thought to be economically unviable.

The company has strived to offer quality services to people at economical and standardised prices, and technology has played a big part in this domain too.

Better efficiency

With the help of digital solutions, MyDentalPlan has been able to increase the efficiency of the service that it is providing to its customers. All the dental records can be stored with the help of automated clinic management software. This software also assists in an overall dental setup management. Every time the customer comes back, it is easy to access their records and have a complete history on the fingertips with just a click.

Feedback mechanism 

It is the constant feedback of the customers that helps any company to grow from strength to strength. MyDentalPlan takes the feedback of all their patrons very seriously. They have developed a feedback collection system that helps in tracking business operations better. Also, the market feedback that is collected is used in a constructive manner in upgrading their service.

Seamless integration

One of the most critical aspects of this business is to ensure that the partners that they are bringing on board are integrated in a seamless manner. It is also through the technology backed process created over time that MyDentalPlan has been able to not only get everyone on the same page but it also autonomies the entire process.

Furthermore, it is only through the widespread adoption of technology that the company has been able to design and monitor more efficient and better products for everyone.

Virtual Consultation

During the pandemic, it is not feasible for everyone to be able to step out and visit a dentist. Virtual setups have helped a lot of patients to get the care that they needed at the right time without having to worry about the virus.

MyDentalPlan operates at the intersection of healthcare and technology and has been delivering operational transformation, end-to-end consumer experience, and effective and informed dental care. It is this approach that has enabled MyDentalPlan to become the preferred choice of India’s finest dentists and consumers alike.

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