Telerad Group announces growth outlook of 50 per cent for upcoming financial year

Focuses on increased AI technology and client wins in Asia, Middle East

The Telerad Group has announced a significant growth outlook of 50 per cent for the upcoming financial year aiming to continue the momentum from last year’s (2022-23) 40 per cent growth.

Teleradiology Solutions (TRS), the remote radiology services entity under the Telerad Group, has projected an overall year-on-year (YoY) growth of 40 per cent driven mainly by a growth in study volumes, including from its partnerships with Hamad medical corporation in Qatar and National Healthcare Group in Singapore. Through its hub in AMTZ (Andhra MedTech Zone) in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh it aims to work more closely with the Government in India.

Telerad Group has hired Madhusudhan KM as the CTO and is taking proactive steps to invest in its own RadSpa technology. This investment is aimed at meeting the growing demand for radiology services. With internal investments of approximately $2 million in AI for this year, the Telerad Group aims to improve radiology departments and diagnostic quality.

“Amidst the risks and challenges that exist in Healthcare AI, particularly in Radiology, we must not lose sight of the incredible benefits it offers. AI has the power to enhance radiologist productivity, improve report quality, and bridge the gap in radiologist shortages. While we acknowledge the potential pitfalls, we will approach AI development and implementation with caution, continuous dialogue, and unwavering attention to clinical needs. By doing so, we aim to harness the full potential of AI to revolutionise healthcare while prioritizing patient well-being and upholding the principle of ‘First do no Harm “, said Dr Arjun Kalyanpur, Chief Radiologist and Founder CEO, Telerad Group.

As a part of its policy to democratise Teleradiology, TRS is also looking at expanding to new markets and penetrating to underserved markets in Asia, Middle East and Africa regions. “TRS has projected doubling its study volumes in the current financial year reaching close to 1.75 million studies.”, said Kishor Joshi, Chief Business Officer, Telerad Group.

In line with its efforts to focus on India, The Telerad Group will support the various digital health initiatives of the government like Ayushman Bharat, ABDM & Make in India through its various verticals which are focused on providing healthcare related products and services.


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