Vice President of India extends support to Thalassemia organisations

TSCS along with 9 other NGOs from all over India have drafted the bill for prevention of Thalassemia

Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell Society (TSCS), a registered non-profit organization along with a few NGO’s working towards Thalassemia met the Vice President, Venkaiah Naidu and discussed the situation of Thalassemia in India and the need for a bill to prevent Thalassemia. TSCS President, Chandrakant Agarwal invited the Vice President for the inauguration of a research lab at TSCS.

TSCS along with 9 other NGOs from all over India have drafted the bill for prevention of Thalassemia. A copy of the bill has also been submitted to the government which has to be presented in the Parliament, for implementation. The request is already in PM’s program.

Speaking about the meeting Agarwal said, “We are extremely honoured to get this privilege of meeting our Hon’ble Vice President Shri. Venkaiah Naidu and explaining to him about the situation of Thalassemia is our country and the need of a bill for its prevention. He has extended his support to us and also promised to visit our lab in the near future… Thalassemia is an easily preventable disorder. It can also be eradicated. We have all been working towards children suffering with Thalassemia and understand the suffering one has to go through. TSCS and a few NGOs have recently gathered at a national conference where the State Government of Telangana also extended their support. We are glad that this awareness is spreading nationally and in the Govt. Of India has also been extending their support towards the eradication of Thalassemia in India”

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