Fujifilm India announces collaboration with DCC Animal Hospital to provide healthcare devices for pets

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Commencing the partnership is with two centers, will further be extended to five centers in India by March ,2022

Fujifilm India has recently joined hands with A’alda Vet India to boost healthcare facilities for pets. As part of the partnership, Fujifilm India will provide innovative medical and screening devices to DCC (Dogs, Cats & Companions) Animal Hospital, an initiative by A’alda Vet to increase the standards of the veterinary care in India.

India is one of the fastest growing pet care market in the world with more and more people adopting pets and taking care of them. Hence it becomes increasingly important for people to have better access to pet care facilities near them which match global standards. The association has been borne out of Fujifilm’s commitment to provide everyone with world class healthcare access, humans and pets alike.

Speaking on the partnership, Koji Wada, Managing Director, Fujifilm India said, “At the core of our business ideology are innovations that drive value for making a better society. Veterinary care had taken a stepback during the pandemic but as we emerge out of it, it is our responsibility to improve the state of animal healthcare of infrastructure in India. We are delighted to be a part of this collaboration with A’alda Vet India through there DCC Animal Hospital which is on the path of providing human like medical care experience for pets with world class technologies. With this partnership, Fujifilm reaffirms its commitment to give back to the society.”

To better the healthcare facilities for pets, Fujifilm India will be providing its innovative products like Digital Radiography, IVD solutions, Endoscopy system, and MEDICAL IT to the DCC Animal Hospital. A’alda Vet envisioned DCC Animal Hospital with a vision of “Pet to Partner”, and with these new and innovative medical devices, Fujifilm India is supporting that vision. Technology in pet healthcare can bring about the difference needed in India to deepen focus on diagnosis and offer treatments at par with human medical services. DCC Animal Hospital is driven in its mission to do so and Fujifilm seconds this thought to make most of technology and skill for our pets. Since 2019, A’alda Vet has continuously improved the standard of pet healthcare and veterinary medicine bringing it at par with access to medical facilities for humans.

Commenting on the occasion, Ohhun Kwon, Director, A’alda Vet India said, “With DCC Animal Hospital we set a goal to humanize pet health care services. We are delighted to be joining hands with Fujifilm India in our mission to scale up medical infrastructure for pets in India to world-level. Pets hold a special value in the hearts of many Indians and hence we believe that this partnership will help all those people who look for the best medical care for their beloved pets.”

Commencing the partnership with two centers. Fujifilm India is looking at further expanding its association with DCC Animal Hospital and opening 5 centers by March 2022 in India

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