J Mitra driving point-of-care diagnostics to boost Indian healthcare

J Mitra & Company has indigenously developed India’s first portable diagnostics solution – the iQuant immunoassay analyser, collaborating with IIT Madras’ HTIC (Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre)

Indian Healthcare is now focusing on affordable quality healthcare closer to the point of care to avoid stress on the existing healthcare setup. Diagnostics are the absolute primary line of defence against any ailment. Accurate disease detection is the foundation for deciding the proper treatment, surgery, and medication or therapeutic course. Diagnostics drives over 70 per cent of the therapeutic and surgical decisions.

J Mitra & Company focuses on bridging the testing–patient divide. The J Mitra R&D team continuously keeps on innovating on this front. As a result, J Mitra & Company has indigenously developed India’s first portable diagnostics solution – the iQuant immunoassay analyser, collaborating with IIT Madras’ HTIC (Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre).

iQuant is a futuristic Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyser for quantitative and qualitative blood test parameters. iQuant can handle eleven Diagnostics tests – HbA1c, TSH, T3, T4, Dengue NS1, Dengue IgM, Dengue IgG, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, PCT, and CRP.

iQuant is an innovative medtech offering. It mixes science, IT, healthcare, and research on the product side. On the implementation aspect, it is a brilliant combination of social environment and ground realities, coupled with business sense. iQuant is an innovative, practical, path-breaking product that meaningfully influences the disease diagnostic procedure.

iQuant is a domestic innovative by J Mitra. It is the best cost-effective solution and portable device available in the Indian market today. Moreover, it is mobile and has a self-sustaining power supply. iQuant makes it ideal for India, especially in remote hinterlands and electricity-dark areas where powered instruments are a problem.

In a laboratory, performing this wide varieties of tests requires more than one instrument. With iQuant, all these tests may be conducted on a single machine. It has unique features like ergonomic design, high-end processors, inbuilt memory to store up to 1-lac patients’ data, Bluetooth for wireless printing, 10-inches color display, wi-fi connectivity for online support, iCloud facility for software up-gradation and training, one-hour battery back-up in case of a power failure and easy portability owing to its lightweight of approx. 2 kgs.

The Quanti range test kits used with the iQuant Analyser offer user-friendliness equal to those of rapid tests; and sensitivities far better than conventional test methods like ELISA.

The absence of low-cost medical instruments often renders local medical facilities incapable of providing quick test reports and medications to patients. But the scenario is steadily changing.

iQuant, due to its design and small footprint, is targeted at medical practitioners, healthcare specialists, and diagnostics solution providers. And these are best served especially in rural areas, remote locations, and settings with limited resources. The product is scaled for small and medium labs, considering its compact desktop form factor. It allows doctors to diagnose suspected ailments quickly and, as a result, catalysing quicker treatment and recovery.

From an end-beneficiary perspective, it is about reaching out to all those patients and diagnostics-seekers who would find it extremely difficult to receive quality diagnostics solutions in their nearby vicinity. In addition, the iQuant Analyser uses test kits created specifically for Indian conditions. Given the ground reality that India has a majority of the people living in rural and semi-urban areas, the potential for usage and growth is humongous.


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