SRL Diagnostics is now Agilus Diagnostics

Agilus is inspired by the Latin term, agilis which stands for ‘agility’

SRL Diagnostics has announced that as a result of its work over the past few years towards  rebranding, it would be adopting a new identity – ‘Agilus Diagnostics’. Agilus is inspired by the Latin term, agilis which stands for ‘agility’.

Speaking on the new identity, Anand. K, Chief Executive Officer, Agilus Diagnostics said “We are excited to adopt this new identity that is a culmination of our efforts on brand transformation over the past few years.  We are certain that it will create momentum for the company’s upcoming growth phase. For the past 28 years, we have won the trust of millions of patients and doctors by delivering high quality diagnostic care. By launching the latest diagnostic solutions, building world-class information technology systems and offering superior customer experience, we have always stayed a step ahead. While the name changes, our guiding principles and business fundamentals remains unchanged. We will closely work with our partners to complete the brand transition over the coming days. The new brand will reflect in all customer and partner facing assets henceforth.”

The company has built an extensive laboratory network comprising 410+labs, 3700+ customer touchpoints, and 12000+ direct clients. Agilus Diagnostics is India’s largest chain in terms of network with presence in 1000+ cities, 34 states, and union territories. Agilus also operates one of the largest accredited network of laboratories in the country; 43 of their labs are accredited by NABL and 3 are recognized under the NABL M(EL)T program. It also has two CAP accredited laboratories in Mumbai, India and Dubai.



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