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Mom’s Belief spreads special needs awareness and approaches


In today’s world, anxiety in children often goes unnoticed

Mom’s Belief, a social enterprise that supports parents and professionals who care for special needs children, conducted a two-day workshop at Amity University, Dubai, to educate psychology students, school counselors and parents on developmental disorders and mental health issues in kids and teens. Participants gained knowledge about the latest approaches and best practices used to address these disorders and mental health issues.

Mom’s Belief’s clinical team leaders, who collectively bring 120 years of experience in the fields of child psychology, speech and occupational therapy, special education and mental health, presented overviews and approaches to autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, specific learning disabilities and stress, anxiety and depression. An audience of 130 students, counselors and parents attended the workshop.

The event offered an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of disorders and mental health issues that are often ignored due to the social stigma attached to them. The Mom’s Belief team also highlighted the importance of supporting parents with special needs children, as they are often isolated within their communities and extended families. Mom’s Belief is an innovation built on the premise that mothers know their children better than anyone else and must be empowered to help their child. As one who possesses a profound and unbreakable belief in her child, a mother is capable of achieving remarkable progress when supported with professional guidance and resources.

Mom’s Belief was represented by Chief Child Psychologist Dr Roma Kumar Senior consultant, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi and Max Hospital, Gurgaon, Clinical Adviser Dr Manju Mehta, Former Head of the Child and Adolescent Clinic, Department of Psychiatry, AIIMS Hospital, Delhi, Clinical Head Dr Malvika Samnani, Founder, Director of SOCH Multispecialty Clinic, Gurgaon and Child Psychologist Ms Sanya Munjal.

Nitin Bindlish, Founder and CEO of Mom’s Belief said, “In today’s world, anxiety in children often goes unnoticed and developmental disorders are being mistaken as normal childish traits. On a personal level, spreading awareness about children’s mental contentment is very significant to me. I am very grateful to our senior clinical leaders at Mom’s Belief and the workshop participants, who converged for this one-of-a-kind event dedicated to children with special needs.”

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