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Healthcare Sabha 2018 | Quality cannot be comprised


Dr S Eswara Reddy, DCG(I), in his address, spoke on various quality related issues. “Quality is a crucial aspect of public health and the pharma sector has a huge responsibility in ensuring it,” he asserted. He then cited some examples of how quality is compromised on many occasions.

He then went on to explain the kind of work the government has undertaken in order to weed out defaulters of quality. He said that price control is just one aspect of this process. In times to come, the government will ensure that a quality conscious system is in place. “Pharma regulators in India are keen to create an ecosystem for the industry which will propel progress and deter wrong doings. They are working on enhancing quality and fighting counterfeits through various monitoring and audit measures,” he informed.

CDSCO has systems in place to help pharma companies resolve their doubts, and market their solutions, he added. Help is often only a phone call away but people overlook these available systems, he exclaimed. Dr Reddy further went on to say that pharma regulators are committed towards creating a safe and conducive environment for the growth of the industry and well being of the masses.

Directing towards some other areas of interest that the government is planning to regulate, he said, “The industry is evolving and so are the regulations in the country. They are being implemented to support innovation and build better efficiencies.”

He then drew attention towards the lack of regulation for the cosmetology and wellness products sector. He said that there are many products available over the counter at medical stores whose efficacy is questionable. These products do not have enough clinical trials done and they do not even come under the FDA scanner. These loop holes in the system will slowly vanish. The government is currently working on these areas as well.

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