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Philips Healthcare’s betting on digital technologies

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Rohit Sathe, President – Philips India Healthcare

How important is it to plan a proper growth strategy for your company?

Growth strategy provides an overall direction to organisations for developing policies and plans designed to achieve their objectives. It helps companies in allocating resources to maximise gains while minimising risk and untoward consequences. Organisations should be conscious of their key value propositions, customers and market share in order to outlay a robust growth strategy plan.

At Philips, our focus is to cater to all our customers’ needs and introduce feasible solutions that offer greater value. The solid growth strategy has helped us in transforming Philips from being a product-driven company into a focused leader in health technology, delivering innovation to help people manage their own health and support care providers in delivering care effectively and efficiently. With our understanding of many long-term challenges our world faces, we see major opportunities to apply our innovative competencies in the areas of personal health, diagnosis, treatment, connected care and health informatics.

What are the core values that initiate growth?

At Philips, innovation has been one of many core values that has helped us in reaching out to a wider audience and support them in making affordable quality choices. Our aim is to further build on our deep clinical expertise and consumer insights to expand our solutions capabilities and deliver on the promise of personalisation, industrialisation and accessibility of care.

We have always been driven by innovation to introduce meaningful solutions that enable access to affordable healthcare. In keeping with our global mission to improve lives of three billion people a year by 2025, we remain committed to address  healthcare challenges the country faces.

Given that Philips has an Innovation Centre in Bangalore. What is the vision for this Centre and how is it helping the company to create a culture of innovation?

PIC focusses on digital technology to make healthcare accessible for all. Various connected care solutions offered by us across the world have successfully empowered the patients to manage their health. These solutions are also helping the care givers to manage efficiently patient outcomes. Engineers and domain experts work on end-to-end products and solutions across the health continuum, from healthy living, to prevention, diagnosis and treatment. PIC is harnessing the power of technologies such as mobile, digital, cloud and Big Data analytics to improve patient outcomes through care coordination and patient empowerment. PIC takes pride in developing solutions to make healthcare affordable and accessible in India and other growth geographies like Africa and Indonesia at the centre.

Technology offerings by Philips that are transforming healthcare

Philips has several technologies and solutions that are pushing the envelope in terms of providing this connected care, like ICCA, Tasy HIS, e-ICU and Solutions in General Care. These have been developed with strategic insights from luminaries of Indian and global markets that are already paving the way for seamless care experience.

The Philips ICCA and eICU programme is a transformational critical care digital programme that combines A/V technology, predictive analytics, data visualisation and advanced reporting capabilities with Philips’ expertise and over 15 years of proven success. The eICU programme delivers need-to-know information to caregivers, empowering them to care for the patients who need it most in the moments that matter most. It is a supplement—not a replacement—to the bedside team, offering support to increasingly scarce clinical resources, while reducing mortality, lengths of stay and cost of care.

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