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Healthcare start-up vTitan Corporation launches syringe infusion pumps


Introduces Accuflow SP-550 and Accuflow IBP-550 Syringe Infusion Pumps with patented closed-loop motion control technology

vTitan Corporation, a global medical device manufacturer and solutions provider, officially launched their patented Accuflow SP-550 and Accuflow IBP-550 Syringe Infusion Pumps for critical care medication administration. The pumps are powered by indigenously developed and patented closed-loop motion control technology.

The syringe infusion pumps are used for critical care of patients in hospital and home environments for accurate and safe infusion of medication.


Accuflow SP-550 is designed to be used in hospitals with uninterrupted power supply and the Accuflow IBP-550 includes an integrated battery pack for portable and patient transfer applications. Both pumps provide higher infusion accuracy combined with easy-to-use, award-winning User Interface.

These devices aid hospitals and healthcare professionals to improve treatment efficacy and patient outcome in critical-care cases.

Peri Kasthuri

Speaking at the launch, Peri Kasthuri, Co-founder and CEO of vTitan Corporation, said: “We are truly excited to be building high quality healthcare products in India, for the world. At vTitan, we believe in creating a culture where employees embrace advanced technology to develop innovative and superior products, with the philosophy of continuous improvement catering to dynamic global market requirements and changes. We aim to make medical device technology and product solutions available, accessible and affordable for everyone.”

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